PodTech Media – Perspectives From Guy Kawasaki: On Twitter, His Book: Reality Check And Life

PodTech Media – Perspectives From Guy Kawasaki: On Twitter, His Book: Reality Check And Life

12:55 | Jennifer Jones | Nov 26th, 2008 12:01am | download

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most well known marketers in the world. His new book Reality Check is making its way to the best seller list. Marketing Voices host Jennifer Jones caught him at his home and discussed the new book and Guy’s favorite chapter on entrepreneur’s lies. Jones and Kawasaki also get into Guy’s unique use of Twitter and his ability to leverage the platform.


Interview with Rita Cartwright – Author of “Online Marketing Tools For Today’s Small Businesses”

Thanks for stopping by VMA Network! As promised, I’m posting the interview I did with Rita Cartwright about her new e-Book: “Online Marketing Tools For Today’s Small Businesses” which provides lots of useful tips and information to help you with your small business online marketing strategy.

LB: Why did you write this book?

RC: My goal was to create a handbook, which entrepreneurs and small business owners can refer to when they are searching for online marketing tools and/or new marketing ideas. I wrote it for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as for those who have been in business a while.

LB: Tell me about yourself

RC: I’m originally from Arizona and now reside in California. I earned my bachelor’s degree (with Magna Cum Laude honors) from Arizona State University when I was 44 years old. After graduation, I couldn’t find a job; therefore, I decided to start my own business offering online word processing services, which was 6 years ago. At that time, I was not aware of the virtual assistant industry, which I am now a member of. So, I guess you can say I was ahead of the curve.

LB: What qualifies you to write this book?

RC: Approximately 2 years ago, I started maintaining a blog and writing articles in order to implement the article marketing strategy. (I talk about using this strategy as a marketing tool in my e-book.) Also, while attending college, I learned how to write. I had to write. I remember my English professor saying I should be a writer, because he thought I had the skills. I didn’t take him serious. I was just trying to get through college.

In regards to the subject matter, my background and education in marketing and my experience from operating an online business provide me with the necessary qualifications to write this e-book on the topic of online marketing tools.

LB: How long have you been an entrepreneur?

RC: I have been an entrepreneur since October 2002. Although I started out as a small business owner, I have become an entrepreneur. There are differences between entrepreneurs and small business owners. In fact, I wrote an article on the differences. It is titled, “Are There Any Differences Between an Entrepreneur and a Small Business Owner?” Ezine Articles is one of the article banks where you can find it.

LB: What is the e-book about?

RC: This e-book contains information on various online marketing tools, along with some examples and in-depth descriptions of the tools. There is also a resource section that lists websites where you can find the online marketing tools, including “live” links to the websites. The resource section will save your readers a lot of time in Internet research when they are searching for information on online marketing tools.

LB: What do you want the readers to get out of this e-book?

RC: I wanted to provide those readers, who have a shoestring marketing budget, with information they can use in their online marketing plan or, at least, generate new marketing ideas. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners do not have a large marketing budget. The marketing tools I discuss costs little to no money.

LB: Can we look for more books from you in the future?

RC: Yes. One of my clients, who is a coach of Christian leaders, and I are currently working together on an e-book. It will be geared towards Christian leaders and Christian virtual assistants. So be on the lookout for that in the near future.

LB: How can the readers contact you if they have any questions?

RC: Your readers can reach me at 760-631-1335 or toll free at 866-651-3073 or send me an e-mail at rjcartw@rjswordprocessing.com.

LB: Rita, thank you for stopping by my blog on your tour.

RC: You are very welcome. Thank you, Linda, for having me.

Rita Cartwright’s Free e-Book Giveaway at tomorrow’s Virtual Blog Tour!!

Just wanted to let all Virtual Assistant’s Networking readers know that during tomorrow’s Virtual Blog Tour Rita Cartwright will be giving away a free copy of her latest e-Book, “Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business”, to a randomly selected participant!!

Join us tomorrow for the blog tour and see if you will be the lucky winner!! See you there!!

“Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business” e-Book Release

Rita J. Cartwright is a Virtual Assistant and owner of RJ’s Word Processing Services and has just released an excellent e-Book that I highly recommend entitled, “Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business”.

Rita J. Cartwright is a Virtual Assistant and owner of RJ’s Word Processing Services and has been in business since 2002. In 1998, she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from Arizona State University with a minor in Spanish. She is also a member of Virtual Assistant Networking Association and Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. In order t to offer her clients quality service, Rita continues to enhance her skills through various teleseminars and webinars, as well as network online and offline with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Rita’s background in marketing and experience in conducting her business online qualify her to write an e-book on the topic of various marketing tools and strategies. Having to operate on a shoestring marketing budget, provided her with necessary knowledge and skills, which were required in order to implement these same strategies into her online marketing plan. For more information on RJ’s Word Processing Services and Rita, please click here.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners in any industry can use this e-book as a reference guide. Whenever you need fresh online marketing ideas or need online marketing information, you can refer back to this e-book. Nowadays, we are so overwhelmed with information, Rita wanted to simplify the search for online marketing techniques by organizing some of that information together into one location, her e-book. Pick up your copy today at the low price of $3.98.

I will be hosting Rita’s Virtual Book Tour right on this blog on October 26! Come back on October 26th to Virtual Assistant’s Network to find out more about Rita and the reason’s behind the release of her e-Book!

Virtual Assistant Marketing Resource

Virtual Assistants are constantly learning and finding ways to improve themselves to enable them to better serve their clients. I decided to take some time out this week for some self-improvement myself.

I recently heard good things about a book called “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port and decided to download the audio book to find out more about it. I have found this book to be an excellent resource in helping me to think differently about marketing my business and how to generate leads and build quality clientele.

I highly recommend this book to Virtual Assistants that are looking for help and ideas on promoting and developing their business further.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Virtually yours,
Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC

What Am I Working On – Mind Mapping

Do you ever get random thoughts/ideas about things during the course of the day and then when you get the time to act on those thoughts you forget what they were? Lately I’ve been jotting down ideas as I go through the day to review later in the evenings when I have more time. These lists don’t seem to have any particular order to them and when I go through them very often the more important items are not the ones I work on first.

I’ve heard a lot about mind mapping so I decided to go research into what it’s all about and how it works. I found that it’s an amazing concept that can be as easy or as hard to use as you want to make it. You can find out more about mind mapping at Mindtools. Essentially, a mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing.

There are some free mind mapping software that you can download from the Internet that are simple to use and very effective. The two that I’m playing with currently are Free Mind which is a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java that can be used across different platforms: Microsoft, Apple Macintosh, Linux, etc. This one requires a little more effort to learn how to use.

The other mind mapping software which is more user friendly is designed for use with Apple Macintosh and is called MindNode There are a ton of other ones that are out there that are either free or available at a very affordable price. There are even online mind map tools that you access through the web. One such sight is Mindomo

If you already use mind mapping, I would be interested to hear what you use it for, and how it has helped you.

Virtually yours,
Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC

How RSS Feeds Can Benefit Your Business

RSS feeds are a great way to stay in touch with what’s current in the your chosen industry, what are the hot topics, and to network with peers. If you are like me and have a variety of feeds to keep up with it’s often very hard to do so using bookmarks in your browser. Fortunately for us, there are lots of great RSS readers that are free to download that will help us organize all our feeds. They allow us to scan our favorite feeds and pick out the ones we’re interested in quickly and read those first.

Feed reading options:

Omnea Reader
Blog Navigator
RSS Bandit

Your options are not limited to these. Different readers offer different options, so you may want to do some exploring to find the one most suitable to your needs. RSS is an invaluable tool for any online business whether you are the reader or the publisher. Try being both to get the most out of the technology. Do you read or publish RSS feeds? How do you think it has impacted your business?

Virtually yours,
Linda Belan
Your Outsource Solutions, LLC